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Thing 13 – k12 Online Conference


I chose to view the k12 Online Conference session Shhh!!! The Students are Learning: Being an Effective Classroom Facilitator by Dr. Clif Mims. Overall I felt that the conference session was very informative and Dr. Mims is a gifted educator and communicator.

The main points that were made included:

1. When visitors enter the classroom students shouldn’t get quiet, but the visitor should be able to recognize that learning is taking place, and they need to be quiet.

2. Facilitating learning in the classroom

3. Characteristics of those who take on supporting roles in professions: 1. Patience 2. Caring 3. Loving 4. Helpful 5. Good Listener

4. Pursuit of being a facilitator!

Dr. Mims also shared some of valuable Instructional Design tips, and although none of the tips were new to me as I am well versed in each of them from my Master’s program at Georgia College & State University, Dr. Mim’s take on each of them was quite refreshing! Below I have listed some of the tips.

1. Ask a driving question or scenario that will engage students .

2. Have alternative/suggested resources ready during lessons

3. Use Mini-Lessons as needed

4. Conferencing –> Ask students how the process of learning is going. Does everyone understand?

5. Use graphic organizers, study guides, mind maps, guided questions

6. Guide students through questioning, be the guide on the side, not the sage on the stage.

Lastly, Dr. Mims shared some practical tips for teachers, which included:

1. Try to predict what students might need during lessons beforehand

2. Teachers must think like a coach, letting students struggle at times

3. Ease into integrating changes in your classroom, and when you are comfortable, try new activities and methods of teaching. (This is something I didn’t completely agree with, as I believe it is important for educators to get their feet wet,  get out of their comfort zone, all while being encouraged and supported on their quest to integrate technology and the tools of Web 2.0 in the classroom).

4. Get some help, utilize online PLN when possible

5. You are learning too, and it is imperative for educators to model learning for their students regularly.

All in all, I feel that the online and anytime delivery option for professional development is perfect for teachers who lead busy lives full of various commitments beyond teaching in the classroom.

After the session, I am even more encouraged to implement Web 2.0 tools into my lessons. Specifically, I am excited to work towards becoming a more effective classroom facilitator of learning for my students, a guide on the side, and coach to student learning.

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“Thing 13 – k12 Online Conference”

  1. August 21st, 2011 at 4:25 pm       gonzalezdavi Says:

    hey Anna. My comment to you..your information summaries are fantastic…mine are very weak by comparision…I also like the “look” of your blog page…Even though I don’t plan to be a blogger after this course, i am very visually oriented and I appreciate the fact that you took the time to decorate!

  2. August 24th, 2011 at 4:59 pm       aguillemette Says:

    Thanks David! I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and comment! Yours are certainly not weak at all, I’m just naturally very long winded! I am all about some color and decoration, and I know others enjoy it as well!

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